My Tips For Planning Your Wedding

by Tina Hoffman Larssen.

Whilst some of us have had firm ideas for years on what, where and how the big day will go down, others are just bamboozled by the whole palaver. 

The ever-popular spring or summer weddings still dominate the industry, however, there is a new trend toward flexibility of seasons and days of the week.

There is also a swing toward choosing the one venue for your ceremony and reception. This makes it more cost-effective and simplifies the logistics for suppliers and your guests to get to and from the event from whoa to go.

Prioritise the importance of each component you decide on for your wedding. You may re-think some of them once you decide on the main items that will make, not break, your wedding day. 

Tip 1: After deciding on the size and style of wedding you would like, choose a suitable venue and book that first.  

Tip 2: Saturday or Sunday too expensive? Why not choose a Friday instead? It’s substantially cheaper at most venues. If its a destination wedding choose a weekday and save $ on venue, accommodation & travel. It will also provide your guests with a nice little opportunity for a junket or mini vacation.

Tip 3: If your perfect venue is too expensive in the spring/summer months, consider having it there in Winter. Apart from the temperature, the outlook and ambience will still be the same and some venues offer up to 50% off during the cooler months. 

Tip 4: Choose your bridal party and get them all involved from the outset. They can be a valuable asset in the early stages, and may each have an attribute to take some of the onus off you for getting things done. 

Tip 5: Plan your event within your means and don’t get caught up with peer pressure. It’s YOUR day, so don’t get ripped off or talked into something you don’t really need. 

At the end of the day, what makes you happy is the most important thing and that’s what will go viral on the day. Nothing beats a genuine feel-good wedding day and the memories it will impart.

Whether you reach for the stars or embrace the attainable, anything is possible as long as you love it and make it your own. Your celebrant is an invaluable resource for tossing around ideas in the planning stages of your wedding. 

This is probably the favourite aspect of my job.
People either know me, have been referred to me or found Tina Hoffman Larssen on a marriage celebrant registry; They will email or call me to say;
“Tina, I’m just not sure where or when to start? OR What does it involve?”

Planning your wedding should be a holistic approach, hence the name for my service as a celebrant “makemydaytina” because I don’t just want to be your marriage celebrant, I really do want to make your day!

We have one of the most pivotal roles on your wedding day, but we are also there for you along the way. From the minute you sign the Notice of Intended Marriage to the Signing of the Marriage Register. 

We will have your back and make sure you don’t sweat the small stuff.

I hope my little blog has given you some inspiration.

Ask me how can I help you make the most of your big day without blowing the budget.

Tina Hoffman Larssen

0402 425 638

© 2019 Tina Hoffman Larssen


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