Weddings…go big or elope?

Winter is the perfect time for planning weddings for the upcoming Spring and Summer seasons.

During the colder weather, I’m usually busy preparing paperwork and composing ceremonies for the warmer months.

I’ve also found this year to be popular for elopement style weddings. Quite a few of my couples favoured “the no fuss, no muss” option for their nuptials, and I have to say they can be equally as romantic and worthy of celebration as the traditional ones.

The paperwork and legalities are of course the same, and so is the ceremony, sans the cost of all the wedding suppliers and reception. The notice of intended marriage must still be submitted, signed and witnessed, no later than one calendar month before the wedding.

Some couples simply opt for a smaller wedding with a few friends, or immediate family, whilst others are joined only by their two witnesses and the officiant. My events have ranged from young couples on a budget, couples with family overseas, or second marriages.

Just like big weddings, there are still choices for the type of ceremony, as well as the personalisation of vows and order of service. This is because during the preparation of paperwork, we have the opportunity of getting to know one another, and then developing the plans in the lead up to the wedding.

When there are so few of us involved, the choices of where and when are limitless. I’ve had groups of up to ten in my backyard, and smaller groups of five at many of the beautiful coastal locations in my area. Another feature of eloping, is the element of surprise when the news is later revealed to family and friends.

As their celebrant I respect their privacy, and have kept their identity and personal photos from the occasion on the down low. These are just some of the locations we used for their nuptials. 


A romantic getaway for the weekend is also another popular option for smaller parties. I’ve done a few in the Southern Highlands, where the picture perfect surroundings provide the ideal setting for a ceremony.

A few of my couples who are originally from overseas, have chosen to elope here in Australia, and later have a reception and honeymoon abroad with all of their family and friends. 

Earlier in June, I also had the honour of marrying a very dear long time friend of the family. They didn’t elope, but did choose to share their special day with close family and friends in a small beachside ceremony and reception.
It was such a splendid day, full of love, laughter and sunshine.
These two are living proof that love is ageless💘


Big, small or in between, a wedding is foolproof if you have the main ingredient – Love and a little help from me to make it zing😉

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