Corona Weddings #isostyle

Has Covid 19 completely wiped out yours or a loved one’s upcoming wedding day?
Even the most well-laid plans can go awry when one or more aspects just don’t deliver.
But who would have guessed that our biggest undoing ever, would be a pesky little virus shaped like a crown?

Weddings have been one of the significant casualties of the social distancing regulations, and it has thrown unprecedented chaos into the mix for those scheduled to wed during this period. Whilst many of my couples have rescheduled their gigs, some have chosen to do the legals now, and observe a symbolic occasion to accompany their wedding reception at a later date.

It’s been stressful for both scenarios, negotiating new dates with the venues and suppliers to make provisional plans, and then send a new lot of invitations to their guest list. The domino effect as it stands makes honeymoon travel the most difficult to rearrange, and unlike the weddings, revised plans will have to go on hold until further notice.

My first ‘iso style’ wedding was last month, and whilst it wasn’t what they had originally planned, this beautiful couple made it the most magical day. It was a five-person affair in my small sun-filled backyard. Despite the almost gale force winds, the bride and groom were radiant and the joy was off the richter!

The witnesses were their amazing mothers, and nothing could mask the love they’ve bestowed on these two beautiful humans over the years. The only Corona on this day was the Crown (Latin word for Corona) which was worn so exquisitely by the stunning bride and complimented her pretty floral bouquet perfectly!

They still have so much to look forward to and will celebrate their wedding properly, joined by all of their family and friends at the big event with all the trimmings, in December this year. And hey, you can never have too many anniversaries. Now they will have three dates for their annual jubilee commemorating when they met, when they tied the knot, and the actual wedding day celebration. 

Photos courtesy of the very talented
Alicia Hetherington Photography 

It was such a pleasure to be a part of their day, their families joined in via Zoom and it was lovely to see some familiar faces. The mother of the groom is a dear friend of mine and I’ve also had the unique honour of officiating the naming days for her grandchildren. We spent many a day at school in the Principal’s office but we’ve come a long way since then, and only air on the side of caution over a cheeky drink these days😜
Congratulations to Brendan & Kyrani and enjoy all that is yet to come!

I am currently working on the ceremony for my next wedding in a couple of week’s time and all being well, we may even have a more positive revision of the restrictions by then. There is no doubt that our lives have been thrown into turmoil and we have succumbed to a lifestyle that we are completely unaccustomed to.

So many events on our social calendars have gone on the back burner; holidays, birthdays, easter, public gatherings, family & friend celebrations, commemorations, and sadly even commiserations. On the bright side, we’ve been blessed with mostly beautiful weather during lockdown and many of us have used the time to wind down, smell the roses, and even tick off some of those things on the to-do list at home.

It’s never taken much for me to overindulge in the preparation and consumption of a mammoth cook fest, and from what I can gather, apparently iso life has brought out the gourmet in quite a few households.
God help my jeans when I eventually try to coax them on 😱

This pandemic has and will continue to test our resilience in every way, but as staunch Australians, we will rise above it and eventually embrace our new normal. It’s a new month, a new dawn, and apparently, things are starting to look up, so fingers crossed we may be able to start slowly morphing into some kind of normality in the near future🤞

Until then, stay safe, share the love, and dream a little dream come true.
Tina ❤️

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© 01/05/2020 Tina Hoffman Larssen

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